What our customers are saying

Jim & Ede Howell

Bettendorf, Iowa

Ede and I moved into our first Beaver Builders home in Beaver Crossing July 2006 after relocating back to the Quad Cities for early retirement from Nashua, New Hampshire. To build this home we picked the Summer Plan, made all the selections in 3 days, and returned to Nashua. I returned for the Electrical/Drywall walk through and closing. We knew Bob Buker and Connie Coster were going to make sure everything was done right and on time. I decided to retire in 2007 and wanted to downsize in the same neighborhood so we decided to build a combination Summer/Jacob II in Section II and gave Bob some challenges with our lot selection but he did an outstanding job and we are very happy with our new home at 4481 Palm Dr. Be assured that Bob believes in the customer being satisfied all though the process and after the sale. Jim has decided to join Ruhl-Ruhl Real Estate in Bettendorf, Iowa as a Realtor licensed in Iowa and Illinois and you will be seeing more of him around Beaver Crossing.

Filipe & Luz Hernandez

East Moline, Illinois

Bob was always ready to answer our questions and took the time to explain every detail. The job was done in an extremely fast fashion and we are receiving lots of good comments about our home. For us the best part was the possibility of touring other homes with the features that we were considering. It is wonderful to have a real idea of dimensions, colors and the look of the home before construction ever starts.

Derek & Lyn Brock

Port Byron, Illinois

The price quality ratio was very good. Having the house done so quickly was also a plus. I also liked the flexibility of working some design changes with out incurring a lot of additional expense.

Peter & Jackie Priester

Bettendorf, Iowa

We were very pleased with the price, the ability to personalize our home and detailed walk-thru. Very impressed with Connie's response time if we ever had an issue or problem with our home. She always gets the problem fixed immediately.

Craig & Stacey Reid

Coal Valley, Illinois

We loved the overall layout of the home. We loved the area where the house was built. We thought the walk-thru was a great idea,it helped us learn about our home and the products in our home.

Erick & Melissa Graham

Bettendorf, Iowa

We love our open floor plan. Choosing every from carpet to cabinet hardware was VERY stress free.

John & Melissa Burant

Bettendorf, Iowa

LOCATION! We love that we could build a home which met all of our specs at a somewhat reasonable price! It was also a bonus that weren't burdened with a construction loan and we also Loved the speed of the whole process.

Jim & Laurie Rose

Today we received a “Beaver Builders home buyer survey" which only reinforces our opinion we chose the correct builder for a new home. We built our first home in Iowa 25 years ago and when it was finally finished we both decided we would not put ourselves through the agony of building a home again.

Well, never say never, as 25 years later we decided it was time to move to the Quad Cities and stop the ridiculous commute we were making each day. Our research led us to believe that Coal Valley would fit us well as a community and as we looked around via the Internet at existing and new homes in the area we found the Beaver Builders website, read some testimonials, talked to a few people, visited the model home and decided we were ready to sell our old home and build a new home.

We're just a little nervous starting out, after all our first build 25 years ago was not the most pleasant experience. When we visited the model home our soon to be Realtor Doreen McCann explained the process of building a “Beaver home" and after meeting with Bob we started to feel a little bit better about this Beaver Builder contractor and his home building process.

Things happen fast April of last year, after viewing the model home we met with Bob to pick our lot and set the pre-construction meeting. Around this time Lori's mother succumbed to breast cancer, our original homes sold and we had to move to a rental house, we welcomed two new grandchildren into the world and in the meantime we still had a business to run.

When we asked if the model home floor space could be modified to fit set our vision of what we would want Bob immediately started measuring and saying yes it can be done. We're very anxious to get things under construction and I can well remember telling Bob in one of our earlier meetings this is what we want you to build please take care of it I'm not a builder and we have very little time to be inspecting and or prodding a contractor along. The entire building process that Beaver Builders uses is designed around the customer. They continually refine their building processes to give the consumer a well thought out thorough building plan that delivers quality homes on time, on budget.

This was the easiest home building process in the world. Working with Bob & Doreen was an absolute pleasure, they both did their very best to keep us informed and to work with us in the building process. There were very few questions and when we did have a question it was addressed almost immediately. Bob and his crew understand that you are actually paying for this home and they do their absolute best to plan ahead and minimize any disruptions in the schedule. Our home was built on time (actually ahead of schedule) and “on budget” and is a quality home with just about zero stress. Thank you Bob, Doreen and Beaver Builders, we love our home and we are would recommend your company to anyone thinking about building. Note I have not used the word house, because Beaver Builders build the homes not houses.

Gary & Jackie Penniston

Davenport, Iowa

Thanks so much for making the building of our new home such a pleasant experience. We LOVE IT! It's simple but beautiful. You're blessed to have such efficient crews and wonderful Realtors. Brian and Connie were super.

Ben Moe

Very high quality home. The few issues I had were handled very quickly. I was VERY pleased with the flooring and lighting folks, they were very helpful.

Mike Detlaff

Absolutely the best value for the money! We looked for two years before making the move and comparatively our home is by far the best you could buy for the money. Bob is awesome!!

Jackson & Kelly Tracy

Davenport, Iowa

All the men working on our house were very nice and pleasant to talk to. Bob was good to work with all the changes we needed and wanted to make.

Lee & Becky Sachs

Davenport, Iowa

Connie and Bob were wonderful to work with. They gave us a sense of confidence in getting the home that we wanted. We have heard nightmares from others building their own home and we were worried. The experience was easy and fun. The whole thing went very smooth and we are very happy.

Bob & Priscilla Williams

Coal Valley, Illinois

We have seen over the past few years other builders; we were impressed with the finish work in the models as well as ours. It turned out to be as I envisioned, it’s a beautiful home we are very happy with the house. My dream comes true!

Adam & Kristin Lorenzen

Coal Valley, Illinois

We liked having the model home to view and then modify to our specific needs. It was much easier to visualize our home that way. We are extremely pleased with our home.

Scott Davidson

Coal Valley, Illinois

We were pleased that you could accommodate special construction requests. If we couldn’t have gotten these we wouldn’t have hired Beaver Builders to build our home. Bob found solutions to all changes that we requested. The walk through was on time and VERY thorough.

Jim & Linda Blunt

Coal Valley, Illinois

The quality for the dollar made us select Beaver Builders over other builders, we like the open floor plan. Bob was VERY helpful in getting us into our home in a really short time.

Cole & Mary James

Davenport, Iowa

We were pleased by the speed of construction and the willingness to make everything right for us. We wouldn’t change a thing about our home.

Joyce Baraks

Coal Valley, Illinois

We looked at several other condos and were highly impressed with the Valentina Villas Condos. For the price it beat even far more expensive ones. We were very pleased by the layout, workmanship and quality of the materials.

Steve & Jennifer Volkman

Geneseo, Illinois

The home was done on time and clean! We were pleased with the communication between Realtor and builder during construction and the overall quality. The walk through was extremely thorough with no problems at closing. Our agent Scott Kelling was always available.

Chris & Jennifer Hunter

Davenport, Iowa

We were very pleased by the ongoing attention to our neighborhood and our home by the builder and sales manager. Construction problems that arose were handled timely, efficiently and to our satisfaction. Some problems occurred early in the decision-making process which Bob & Connie rectified and handled very professionally. Construction quality is good for a home in this price range. The walk through was smooth, easy and informative especially for a first time home buyer.

Jim & Sue Lemmon

Coal Valley, Illinois

We felt we got more quality for our money at Valentina’s Villas than anywhere else we had been looking in the past 5 years. The services are quality and we had a feeling of trust that everything we discussed would be carried through. Connie is a wonderful representative for you. We did and do so enjoy dealing with her. We were pleased with the efficient floor plan and kitchen design, open and spaciousness of the cathedral ceilings, the setting, the neighborhood, the surrounding quality homes and the ease of freeway access to anywhere in the Quad Cities.

The Schuenemans

Coal Valley, Illinois

It was easy to pick everything out in the beginning, so we didn’t have to worry about things on a weekly or daily basis. We were also very pleased with the closet space and room sizes.

Warren and Deb Nicholson

Davenport, Iowa

We love our home. The whole process of selling our old home and buying the new one was unbelievably fast and quick. Anytime we had a question it was handled quickly and professionally. We would (and already have) recommend Beaver Builders to several friends. When friends come by to see our home they have all had the same reaction: they can’t believe how deceiving the size is on the outside. We really like the floor plan. We could not believe how fast it was constructed. I met Bob at an open house and was sold on his sincerity and enthusiasm. After moving into our home he stopped by several times to see if everything was OK. If there was anything to be done it was handled immediately. The workers from Flick’s came out to do some repairs/ adjusting on our fireplace and shower doors and we could not have been treated better. Between Christmas and New Years we awakened with no heat. We called Beaver Builders after checking our breakers. There was a message to call Jeff, Bob’s assistant as Bob was out of town. I called Jeff and he was at our house within an hour. (The temperature outside was below zero) It was a fuse and we had heat quickly. Jeff did a great job; he was very punctual and reassuring.

John & Melissa Burant

We loved that we could build a home which meet our specs at a somewhat reasonable price. It was also a bonus that we weren't burdened with a construction loan and we loved the speed of the entire process.

Shelly & Gerald Fisher

Coal Valley, Illinois

Bob responded personally and promptly to all inquires and problems. We were very pleased with the speed of construction as promised, with a good “value” of all construction and services.

Duane & Nancy Green

Davenport, Iowa

I have been in construction for 21 years as a union electrician with the local IBEW 145. I have seen and worked with many contractors. The quality of work done by Beaver Builders ranks at the top, with the best of them. Your lead framer and both trim carpenters are excellent! All of the subcontractors were very good. Bob was great to work with.

Paul and Bridget Kempp

Everything was so easy - you made the building process as stress free as possible.

Rodney & Rebecca Hartman

We were please that our home was done early/on time and done right.We were pleased with the quality of the workmanship and overall quality. We were please with how easy Connie and Bob made the entire process of selections and building. We were also pleased with how clean was when we moved in.....kudos to the cleaning crew.

Dave & Steph Barrett

The walk-through was very thorough. The upgrades in our home made the decision to purchase very easy. The service up to and immediately following the purchase was fantastic. We also appreciated the access to the home were allowed prior to closing it made the move a lot easier.

Warren and Shelly Riley

Warren and Shelly Riley

Our realtor drove us through the area and introduced us to Bob early in our house shopping. We shopped around then returned to purchase. We liked the location, variety of homes in the development and Bob’s passion. We also like the simple but beautiful design of the homes. We were pleased with the simplicity of making the initial choices for the house. We were also pleased with all the details of the house that we didn’t know there would be. We love our new home and know it is a quality home. We like the Newsletter, Thanks for a beautiful home – it is comfortable!

Mark and Cheryl Garland

When my husband and I came to the Quad Cities from Texas, we were looking for a home that we could move into quickly. So I started looking at one build then another. Beaver Builders was the only one with someone on-site and had the model open. The first person I met was Melinda. She had a smile on her face and was willing to open the prairie model next door to let me see it. She left me with a great impression of Beaver Builders. If it had not been for her I may have just passed it up as I had many other builders. We appreciate that Bob was willing to meet with us on such short notice to discuss finishing the basement and was up front about cost and what he needed from us to get the job done. We chose Beaver Builders 1st for the price 2nd was the service and willingness to try and get us in our house as quickly as possible.

Elizabeth Sears

We are pleased with how quickly our home was built. We LOVE the open floor plan and are pleased that we were able to build a house that fit into our budget.

Alan and Carolyn Wichert

Alan and Carolyn Wichert

We have been talking about moving for awhile now, but didn’t think we were ready and only intended to go to some open houses for a basis of comparison to see what you could get for your dollar these days. Initially we wanted to stay in Moline, but the day we were to meet with Doreen McCann, our realtor, she was at an open house in Bettendorf. We fell in love with the Bettendorf housing area – Beaver Crossing – and there was no turning back after seeing the spec house on Ocean Boulevard.

It had a lot of nice features that were very clever and that I really liked. I liked the surround sound speakers and the wire run for the speakers on either side of the fireplace. I also really liked the open floor plan and the fireplace niche – very nice touch. We loved the tile shower and ended up getting one in our house. I thought the seat in the mud room was very clever.

I read the reviews on Bob and his home building practices on his website. That, along with Doreen’s recommendations, in addition to seeing that Bob builds a quality product was enough to convince me that this was a good investment.

I don’t know a lot about construction, but I know enough to know that Bob builds a quality product and takes a good deal of pride in his work. Bob doesn’t scrimp on the quality of the products he uses to build houses. Everything is thought of that I could think of; Pella windows coming standard, as well as other things such as high efficiency furnaces, are indicative of how he takes quality seriously. I could go on covering little details that he has thought of where he didn’t choose the cheap route, in order to save money. You definitely get a sense of quality and pride of workmanship when you walk through one of the spec houses.

The whole building process was very painless. About the hardest part was making choices as to what floor plan, what type of shingles, picking out carpet, color of siding, etc. That’s a good type of pain. In the pre-building phase everything went pretty smoothly. We had a ton of questions which were patiently answered. I liked the idea that Bob guaranteed his build. We really like the choice of floor plans and the fact that Bob was real flexible if we wanted to deviate. I liked the idea of the virtual “bumper to bumper” warranty on the house for one year. It covers everything that would be considered reasonable. I feel that is very adequate and again it just shows me that he stands behind his product.

During the construction phase Doreen was beyond accommodating in every way. We came almost every weekend to see the home being built, because we were excited as this was our first building project and only the 2nd home we have ever owned. She never once said that she couldn’t do it, that along with the myriad of phone calls and emails wondering about things and answering questions. She never once complained or gave a hint of impatience. There were a few minor problems during construction, most of which were not anyone’s fault and could be choked up to “stuff happens”. The only disappointment that we encountered that couldn’t be fixed before closing was that we didn’t have a sidewalk or our patio, due to the weather turning cold quickly. I’m certainly not blaming anyone for the weather, of course, as they don’t have control over Mother Nature.

Melinda and Doreen worked well together keeping us informed as they learned of things like the sidewalk and other minor setbacks. Anytime Doreen didn’t have an answer to one of our questions she would contact Melinda, Mike or Bob and we got an answer in a timely manner.

As the home was finished the much anticipated day for the 24-hour walk through before closing came. Mike was and continues to be absolutely phenomenal. I can’t say enough positive about him. The 24-hour walk through was very informative and very thorough. No issue, no matter how trivial was ignored. He wrote down all of our concerns and he followed through an every one of them. He continues to handle minor issues with great efficiency. His “bed side manner” is very good, and he doesn’t make you feel like your requests are trivial, even if they really are. He even went as far as to give us his cell phone number if we had any questions. I called him the first day we were here because I forgot how to program the garage door remotes and he patiently talked me through it.

So, I can say that it was a job well done by everyone up to this point. Thanks for delivering a very nice home in a reasonable amount of time. We absolutely love this place!!

Nick and Cherish Toal

The process seemed much easier than others. Not having to have a construction loan and putting only $2000.00 down was nice and easy.

Diane Foss

Bettendorf, IA

Only having to put $2,000 down to hold our lot and no bridge loan was required – this is a huge selling point.

We picked out cabinets, flooring, siding color, singles, paint early in the process. Bob has everyone (crew) organized well and the build happens fast without compromising the quality. We still talk about how much we love our home.

Jodi Stock

Bettendorf, IA

Bob backs his word. Did exactly what we wanted in a home. Did not up sell us to put more fixtures in our home. Easy to work with.

Sharon Freedman

Bettendorf, IA

I like my home plan and am quite happy in it. I especially enjoy my kitchen and sun room.

Guilbert Ebune

Bettendorf, IA

Overall quality, design, and timeliness in completing house

Bill and Yvonne Hutton

Bettendorf, IA

Professionalism done on website, walk-thru in model homes proved quality of home.

We were very well taken care of every step of the way. The layout of the house works well for our family. You could tell care went in building our home.

Jana and Andy Lehman

Bettendorf, IA

We liked that we didn’t need a construction loan and we knew the final price our home before construction started.

Deanna and Eric Dickerson

Bettendorf, IA

Our realtor had us review your website and showed us one of the homes another one of his clients were buying. New/fast/great schools = sold.

Ryan and Susan McGivern

Bettendorf, IA

Our past home was built by Beaver Builders. Beaver Builders was bar none the best bang for our buck. Got the most house at the price we were looking for. The straight forwardness of our pre-construction meeting and having everything lined up early was nice.

Paul Speering


Home values are priced right and the time from contract to delivery met our housing needs.

Roger and Paula Preslar

Bettendorf, IA

I love the layout!

Kathryn Wang


Bob really helped me to make my design come true.