Building Process



Your first step is to get pre-qualified from your lender and bring a copy of this to your first company meeting. We will build your home with only $2000.00 down, but we will not accept any contingencies on your offer; such as contingent upon the sale of your home. We need either these contingencies released or a bridge loan to start construction. The next step is to learn as much about homebuilding as possible and determine your housing needs. Working with your Realtor, you should create two lists, one a "must have" and another a "wish list." This will help you stay focused on priorities. All of our home, lot and option prices are preprinted to make the selection process as easy as possible. You simply add up your base home price, lot and options to determine your total sales price. If you want something that is not priced, simply ask and we'll get you a price within 24 hours. We will change or modify almost anything in our homes. Options are only limited by your lot size, building codes and your budget. We do not discount our prices to anyone. Everyone pays the same low price. A completed list of all your options is required before we can draw your plans, specifications and start construction. Selecting your colors is required before any construction will start, so now is a great time to start picking your colors from our on site selection areas. Your Realtor has preprinted color selection sheets and will assist you in the process. Flooring and light fixtures do not need to be selected until after your pre-construction meeting.


With-in one week of receiving your completed contract, options, pre-qualification letter and colors, Beaver Builders will schedule a pre construction meeting. At this meeting we will be presenting your plans, specifications, plat, cabinet layout, electrical layout and related documents. We will discuss line by line each option you have selected for your home and make sure all of them have been incorporated into your plan and specifications of your home. This is the last time you can make changes to your plan without incurring a change order fee, so this meeting is very important and worthwhile. Also at this meeting we will be locating your TV's and phones on your plan and checking your color selection sheet for completeness. We will also discuss the selection process of your flooring and light fixtures from our vendors. These selections should be completed within 2 weeks of this meeting, or construction could be delayed.

At this meeting we will also discuss our warranty book and our policies and procedures relating to emergencies and reporting normal items. We will discuss our "normal" customer complaints and problems, so you know what to expect from your new home buying experience. Complete customer satisfaction is number one at Beaver Builders. We are not satisfied until you are.

Finally at this meeting we will sign all documents and contracts. Usually within 2-3 days of this meeting the home is started. Your 100-day guaranteed construction period starts from the time construction starts, so everything must be finalized and completely understood before we start.

Construction process

You are free to view your home at any time, and as often as needed, we simply ask that your Realtor accompany you at your visits. The home under construction is a dangerous area and we ask that children not accompany you on your visits and that you not visit during normal work hours because of liability reasons. This is a very fast paced schedule so don't miss anything and be sure to bring your camera!

Drywall Walk-thru

About 5 weeks or about half way into the building process we ask that you do a pre-drywall walk thru. Accompanied by your Realtor, you will be checking that all your options that could be in your home are incorporated in it, your phones and TV's are correct per plan, special lights are in the correct locations and that everything looks generally correct. If you see any problems or need any questions answered feel free to convey them through your Realtor to Beaver Builders. Any major changes should be made now because after this time some changes may be cost prohibitive.

A few days after this inspection Beaver Builders will establish your final walk thru and closing dates. You can now schedule your moving, utilities transfer and perhaps closing on your other home. You can rest assured that the home will be completely done on this date. Beaver Builders NEVER CHANGES A CLOSING DATE AND ALWAYS COMPLETES ON TIME.

Final Walk-thru

Final Walk-thru will take place at 3:00 usually the day before closing. It will take 2-3 hours is very thorough. This is your final acceptance of your home in the condition it is in at closing. This is an important event in the home; we ask that you not bring children or relatives to this meeting. At this meeting we will be doing 3 things.

1. A complete inspection of the home where we note everything that doesn't meet the buyer's expectations of quality or performance. These are listed and remedied prior to closing. These items should all be minor items or either party has the right to not close on the home. Sod, seed or weather related concrete items are exempted from this list and would be escrowed by the closing attorneys. If some items requires special ordering of parts Beaver Builders will inform you at this time, minor items are not grounds for not closing on the home.

2. Beaver Builders will demonstrate everything you need to know to operate your home. We will operate every door, window, drawer and switch and demonstrate operation of every thing in the home. It is very thorough and helpful to you in achieving complete customer satisfaction. We want you to understand how everything in your home works so you don't have to be asking us for help latter.

3. We will also be checking that everything you purchased in your home is incorporated in the home, by going down your purchase addendum item by item.

It is our intention to make the moving in a completely satisfying experience and as easy as possible.

Move- in checklist

One month before moving

· Interview and choose a moving company or reserve a van for do it your-selfers.
· Gather all important papers in one place (banks, credit cards, titles and insurance records)
· Put together an important phone number list.
· Send out change of address cards to regular contacts (banks, credit cards, doctors, insurance, newspapers, friends and family)
· Start collecting boxes of all sizes.
· Contact schools in the area if children are transferring.
· Order checks with your new address.
· Start asking friends and family for help

Two weeks before moving

· Send out mail forwarding card to local post office.
· Start packing; label all boxes with contents and room.
· Get rid of stuff you don't need. Have a yard sale, give to charity or throw away.
· Call to have utilities transfer to new address or sign up for new service. This includes phone, cable, gas and electric and water and sewer.
· Pay all current bills.
· Schedule a babysitter for moving day.
· Continue asking friends and family for help moving

Moving day

· Get gifts and special treats for friends and family who help with moving.
· Set aside items you don't want movers to handle (special breakables, plants)
· Have children's special items loaded last so they will come off the truck first.
· Disassemble any complicated pieces of furniture or equipment.
· Mark wire on stereo, computer and TV for easy assembly.
· Decide where moving truck should park prior to arrival.
· Make sure there is clear space from home to truck.
· Give moving crew a house orientation and any special instructions.
· Plan for snacks, easy meals and lots of drinks (use your Beaver Builders pizza gift coupon!)
· Keep basic supplies together for use through out the day at new and old home.
· Assemble small tools for assembling furniture.
· Wear a back brace if lifting heavy objects.
· Make the beds as soon as they are in place. You'll appreciate this at the end of the day!
· After the move-relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

One week courtesy call

Depending on move-in timing, after about one week after move-in a Beaver Builders representative will stop back to check on your progress and our walk-thru list. We will be making sure that all items on your walk-thru list have been taken care of to your satisfaction and see if any other items need to be added to the list. We will also be checking on your appliance installation and related items. We will initiate any added action as needed to remedy your walk thru list and post closing list.

60-Day warranty list

Unless you encounter an emergency item, we ask that you list out your warranty items and submit them IN WRITING to Beaver Builders by mail or fax. We will access the list and send the items to the appropriate subcontractor or Beaver Builder's own personnel. They will contact you and schedule a time to do the work. Warranty work must be done during normal business hours of 7 A.M. to 4 P.M. Monday through Friday. We try to complete all warranty work with-in 10-business days.

11 Month warranty list

As your warranty period comes to a close you need to list out your year-end list IN WRITING. This is the best time to submit your drywall list for touch-up work and any other minor problems. Once again, we will contact you and schedule a time to do the work. Warranty work must be done during normal business hours of 7 A.M. to 4 P.M. Monday through Friday.