1. Can you change or add to our plans? YES. You can add subtract almost anything in our homes. We have hundreds of pre-priced options, or submit a new one for pricing. We are only limited by the lot size, and building codes.

2. How much money does it take to start construction?We only require $2000 deposit and approved financing to start construction. The $2000 is fully refundable, if we do not start your home. All contingencies must be released from any offer prior to construction actually starting. No other money is needed until closing.

3. Every builder talks quality, how do we really know that Beaver Builders stands for customer satisfaction?We survey EVERY CUSTOMER and display the UNEDITED results of each and every survey in our model homes. Take the time to read what our customers have to say about us. Or better yet, call them or walk door to door through our neighborhood asking questions. Our satisfied customers are our best form of advertising.

4. Do we accept lower than printed prices?NO. Everyone pays the same low price for the same home. No one is penalized for his or her bargaining ability. No haggling needed, everyone pays the same low price.

5. Does Beaver Builders accept VA financing? YES. We do accept VA financing and we are an approved VA builder. Buyer must waive inspections of the home during construction.

6. Are we free to get financing at any institution? YES. You can shop till you drop for the best rate. Check out our links to lenders in the Realtor section.

7. Are Beaver Builders homes modular or pre assembled?  NO. All Beaver Builder's homes are site built using only quality materials. We employ and directly manage the complete homebuilding process from land development to warranty work. We use our own employees and fewer employees to save you money.

8. How and when do I make my final selections?All selections except flooring and light fixtures must be made prior to construction beginning. Flooring and lights should be selected within two weeks after construction starts to avoid construction delays. Your flooring provider is Edstroms flooing in Moline and Lighting is supplied by Shaw in Davenport.

9. May I visit the home I have under contract prior to its completion? YES. We do allow on site visits, however we require that visits be done by appointment accompanied with your Realtor during non-working times. Construction sites are dangerous places and care must be taken at all times.

10. After construction begins, may I make changes to the home? YES. We require all change orders to be in writing. There is a $90.00 change order fee in addition to the cost of the change.

11. How long does it take to complete our home?We normally start a home with-in 7 days of your pre-construction meeting. Beaver Builders guaranties in writing a completed home in 100 days or we pay $100.00 a day penalty! We average 70-80 calendar days to complete a home. We have never changed a closing date ONE day once we set the closing in 30years. When we say the home will be done it will be completed on time per contract.

12. Many builders don't "make closing dates"; will my home really be done on time?When Beaver Builders sets a closing date you are assured of a completed home. In over 30 years we have never changed a closing date one day!

13. What are my responsibilities prior to closing? You should notify all utility companies to set up transfer of utilities as of closing date. These names and phone numbers are included in your warranty book. You should also contact your lender for any requirements they may have such as insurance binder, appraisal, final occupancy or additional inspections.

14. What is an escrow? An escrow is funds withheld from the seller at closing for items not completed on the contract. The escrow is held with the buyer's attorney until the items have been completed to the buyer's satisfaction. Seed, sod and grading are examples of common escrow items.

15. What does the Beaver Builder warranty cover?We stand behind our homes, and it shows in our warranty book and surveys. All of our homes come with a full one-year warranty and a ten-year structural warranty. First we make much ewer mistakes because we triple check every home. We have our own full time dedicated warrantee specialist at your service and back it up with the financial integrity of the Beaver Builders name. All warranties are handled quickly and completely.

16. What are my estimated real estate taxes?The estimated taxes are 13/4% of sales price in Iowa and 2 ¾% of sales price in Illinois. This is only an estimate and could be subject to change.